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Our "" profile is live, just in time for Valentine's Day. Are we a match?


KPMG surveyed 200+ IT leaders about successful IT management. Those with well-defined data processes say the business better understands IT value.


What's that crackling sound? The torch is making its way to Friday's opening of the 2018 Winter Olympics, carried by ~7,500 athletes, officials, and (yep) CIOs.


The language of finance trumps the language of IT. To maximize IT value and strengthen business relationships, IT cost center owners need to become multilingual.


By disrupting the market for generic drugs, Intermountain Healthcare is about to make its biggest impact yet.


Automating the IT planning process right before a budget cycle kicks in is risky. But Caesars did it quickly, delivering a budget to the C-suite ahead of schedule.


In our recent webinar, Rick Eckoff from MetLife shares how IT achieved a better cloud cost management position to improve accountability and control costs.


YOU are driving digital innovation in the new economy. That was the message Sunny Gupta delivered at TBMC17 in Las Vegas.


To get what you need from the CFO, you have to understand what the CFO needs from you. Align expectations and frame technology investments in terms that resonate. 


James LaPlaine, Aol CIO, shares his secret to effective hybrid IT management.


Managing cloud migration with the right tools and mindset is the focus of a new executive brief by AOL CIO James LaPlaine and Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta.


Knowing where you fall in the TBM maturity spectrum helps identify opportunities for greater impact. Our 5-minute assessment makes it easy to gauge your progress.


Many CIOs function without an integrated view of IT project and service portfolios. To understand TCO and business value, these interlocking portfolios are key.


RightScale’s 6th annual State of the Cloud report cites several new trends, including a renewed focus among enterprises on optimizing cloud costs.


Lowering the business risk associated with disruption is a big advantage of cloud. But cloud costs quickly become an issue if you don't have control of your spend.