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"Given the difficult choices that have to be made about the services state government provides, it is vital we do our best to ensure efficient and effective spending in all areas, including IT. For Washington State, TBM provides business leaders and elected officials with solid data, in a language they understand, to help them make tough choices in a budget environment that becomes tougher every year."

Mary Groebner

TBM Program Manager, Office of the CIO, State of Washington


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Public Sector technology leaders face tough challenges

US federal agencies spend upwards of $80 billion each year on IT infrastructure and services. Until recently, there has been no way to tie the outcomes of that IT spend to tangible mission results that agency leaders can understand. Without this universal language, agencies can’t measure the productivity of their investments; legislators are unable to make informed decisions about future IT spending priorities, and constituents don't know what they've bought with their tax dollars.

budgetary environment

One-off models don't
stand up to audit

Time wasted
on ad-hoc analysis

Portfolio investments
misaligned with mission

Bad, stale, missing,
inaccurate data

Pressure to do
more with less

Spend the budget
Build the budget

Get started with TBM—cost pools, towers, and benchmarking

  • Conform to  budget reporting  and categorization requirements from  Federal (OMB) and public sector authorities.
  • Automate mapping and alignment to Federal Government TBM Taxonomy where required.
  • Track burndown and key variances between Budget/Commitments, Commitments/Obligations, and (optionally) Obligations/Expenses.
  • Analyze and identify spend and remaining budget and spend in the context of IT Towers and Cost Pools.

Apptio Cost Transparency


Budget formulation and submission—adhering to standard TBM towers

  • Build OMB- and public sector-compliant budgets, using required TBM Taxonomy categories (e.g Cost Pools and IT Towers).
  • Gain overarching visibility in a centralized solution, while enabling budget contributors to build their own portions of the budget.
  • Capture all additional desired budget categories for each proposed budget request.
  • Centrally manage the formulation process with embedded workflow.

Apptio IT Planning

Apptio accelerates common initiatives for Public Sector IT

Conform to OMB Guidance

Accelerate adoption and conformance with OMB’s FY2019 IT Budget Capital Planning Guidance.

Leverage TBM best practices adapted from private sector and proven by public sector agencies. 

Data Center Consolidation

Identify underutilized IT assets and data centers for optimization and consolidation.

Transfer to lower-cost IT resources, such as virtualized and cloud environments.

App Rationalization

Continuously analyze cost and utilization to find and eliminate inefficient or redundant app spend.

Scrutinize software usage and reclaim underutilized or orphaned licenses.

Digital Innovation

Free up funding for innovation by eliminating inefficient IT spend and reducing budget padding.

Improve budget agility to facilitate rapid, incremental project development and early ROI.

Program & Mission Risk Management

Reduce financial risk and overspend surprises by budgeting across both build and run phases.

Track budget variance and discover problems early enough to make course corrections.

Operational Excellence

Automate IT finance processes like budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, and cost modeling.

Know if IT is creating the right O&M efficiencies to free up funding for DME across your agency.

The White House
Summit on Technology
Business Management

technology business management
a CIO Council priority 

IT COST Commission:
summary of findings
& recommendations

GovLoop survey results
on IT investment &

6 best practices for
communicating the business
value of public-sector IT

FITARA implementation
& how government
communicates IT costs

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