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Why do our IT costs
keep rising?

How do we avoid
budget surprises?

Why are run costs
crowding out innovation?

How do we reduce
tech budget padding?

What value are we getting
for our tech investments?

Why aren't we
more agile?

Apptio accelerates common initiatives for CFOs

Cost optimization

Continuously analyze cost and utilization to find and eliminate inefficient resource spend.

Compare your costs to industry peers and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

Digital business

Free up funding for digital by eliminating inefficient IT spend and reducing budget padding.

Improve budget agility to facilitate rapid experimentation by digital business teams.

Operational excellence

Automate IT finance processes like budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, and cost modeling.

Know if IT is creating the right efficiencies across your company and enable better IT decision makers.

Regulatory compliance

Support compliance with GDPR by tracking spend on vendors housing company data externally.

Understand SaaS spend and leverage that knowledge in renegotiations in light of ASC606.

Works with your existing corporate finance systems

Complements your ERP

Apptio starts where your ERP system stops. Our platform seamlessly sources cost data from your general ledger via XLS, CSV, or automated connections. Our built-in data handling uses business rules to map your spend into standard IT categories before applying sophisticated allocation logic to calculate IT costs. The result? An accurate, relevant sub-ledger for tech spend.

Extends your CPM

Apptio’s planning software acts as force-multiplier for good stewardship, taking budget baselines from your CPM and empowering IT budget owners with a system and context they understand. Resulting budgets, variance analysis, and forecasts are then translated back to your CPM for corporate finance visibility.

Embracing your inner CFO:
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to manage IT spend

Apptio & TBM:
working with & improving
your existing IT tools

Doing the right thing:
how First Citizens increased
IT planning accuracy and agility