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Transform Your Technology Business

Accelerate the transformation agenda with IT and service portfolio performance

The role of IT has changed. Success in an age of service choice and cloud economics means making fast and smart decisions about modern technologies that enable agility, choice, scale and innovative service delivery models. Investments in service management and other operational tools are important for service task management but were not designed for service business management. Without a dedicated system to measure services composed of a growing array of vendors and technologies:

  • IT leaders lack the KPIs to drive behavior and decisions needed to sustain a transformation
  • Service owners lack performance data to align service options to business needs
  • Business leaders go around IT if it is perceived as too costly, slow and misaligned to their needs

Apptio puts IT leaders at the helm of their business transformation with trended analytics on service cost, quality, usage, performance and risk so they can:

  • Change behavior and drive alignment with trended KPIs from a service perspective
  • Design and manage service options aligned to address business needs
  • Guide business demand and choice with facts about internal and external pricing