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Transform from tactical exercise to strategic discipline.



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Simplify resource budgeting, forecasting, and long-range planning in order to align IT investments with business priorities.


Shorten your budget cycle

by reducing errors and manual effort.


Align resources to business need

by using rolling forecasts to better control spend.


Plan resources into future years

by creating and comparing multi-year scenarios.

The biggest impact is the time we're now able to spend helping our senior IT leaders better analyze the impact of future changes to their budget. Our folks are able to act not as reporting agents but as financial consultants. 

Will Leaming, Jr.

IT Finance Manager, First Citizens Bank

Read the First Citizens Bank story

Plan Future
Accelerate the annual budget process
Reduce errors and manual effort
  • Create plans for IT resources (assets, labor, and contracts) by cost center and department using IT definitions and structures.
  • Consolidate budgets into a roll up view without manual efforts.
  • Automatically generate budget line items for headcount, contract renewals, and assets.
Redirect resources flexibly
Stop getting surprised by overspend after it's too late
  • Modify budgets and forecasts to see the immediate impact of business changes on spend.
  • Create what-if scenarios quickly for contract renewals, hiring, and capacity.
  • Develop rolling forecasts to improve out-quarter budgeting.
Develop a strategic planning horizon
Avoid misalignment between long-range IT goals and corporate strategic plans
  • Create resource plans up to six years into the future.
  • Automatically build multi-year contract and asset line items from the prior year.
  • Create and compare multi-year scenarios.

Apptio IT Planning Foundation is made for you

IT Finance

Streamline workflows
and shorten cycle times

Free up time for analysis
and strategic planning initiatives

Earn the trust of IT leaders
and decision-makers in your numbers

Office of the CIO

Reduce spend padding
and shift savings to innovation

Ensure strategic decisions are
put into motion through spending

Improve alignment of IT investments
to business priorities

Infrastructure & Operations

Experience less disruption
and more relevance from planning

Gain autonomy and accountability
in the budget process

Avoid budget surprises that
derail your initiatives and projects

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IT needs its own
planning tool

Unitythrough autonomy:
how CHRISTUS Health
transformed IT planning

7 pitfalls of IT
budgeting and forecasting

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