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Create visibility & control

Understand cost, utilization, and capacity in a single view across hybrid and multi-cloud.


Optimize resources & decisions

Uncover TCO and consumption of cloud & hybrid by fusing general ledger and utilization data.


Improve governance & planning

Ensure that on-premises to cloud migrations drive intended business results.


It’s important to track costs of public cloud because consumption is so easy... With Apptio, consumption is mapped back to business units and their products so we can drive accountability.

James LaPlaine

Former CIO and VP of Infrastructure, AOL


Automate bill processing
Surface hidden costs
Align to business
Monitor costs
Maximize utilization
Align to a standard IT cost model
Eliminate confusion from overwhelming cloud bills
  • Automate ingestion and aggregation of AWS and Azure detailed billing into single costing system.
  • Auto-map multi-cloud billing to a standard classification of IT services (ie. compute, storage, network, etc).
  • Track public cloud spend by application and across development, test, and production environments.
Understand fully burdened cloud spend
Quit using cloud provider pricing to make migration decisions
  • Quantify accurate total cloud spend by incorporating costs of labor, security, and more.
  • Allocate fully burdened fixed and shared public cloud costs to consuming applications and services.
Drive shared accountability with business units
Prevent the business from consuming public cloud like it's free
  • Standardize on a best-practice tagging strategy to understand cloud resource business context.
  • Parse tags to allocate cloud costs to the applications and business units that drive usage.
  • Improve tagging hygiene by tracking cloud resource tagging completeness and validity.
Stay on top of costs and usage every day
Avoid surprises that lead to cloud budget overruns
  • Monitor cloud cost and usage with real-time spend analysis and forecasting.
  • View AWS Reserved Instance (RI) inventory, spend, and expirations.
Identify & resolve inefficient resources
Slash waste from underutilized or idle instances
  • Analyze potential cost savings from underutilized or inefficiently deployed resources.
  • Recommend AWS Reserved Instance (RI) purchases based on actual usage and consumption.


Manage and optimize the purchase and usage of public cloud.

Mapping cloud costs to
a standard IT cost model

Emerging role profile:
cloud cost manager

Using AWS & Azure tagging to track business value of cloud spend

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