Apptio to Leverage CoupaLink to Enable Better Visibility and Control of IT Spending

Bellevue, WA. (Oct. 25, 2018) - Apptio, Inc. (NASDAQ: APTI), the business management system of record for hybrid IT, today announced it has partnered with Coupa Software, through the CoupaLink program, to ensure that companies have complete enterprise-wide visibility into technology spending, whether managed through central IT organization or hidden technology spend being driven by the business units. With this deep visibility, organizations can eliminate redundancies and waste, centralize technology spend management and ensure every dollar spent aligns to business value.

“Leading analyst firm IDC estimates that by 2019, technology spending outside of central IT will eclipse that of central IT. At most companies, this represents up to hundreds of millions in untracked and unaccounted spend,” said Theo Beack, EVP of Products and Engineering at Apptio. “Many CIOs don’t have full visibility to how much is truly being spent within their organization. This partnership is essential to providing CIOs, CFOs and CPOs with the transparency and control they need to truly maximize the value of every dollar spent on technology.”

“Currently, billions of business spending is managed by Coupa. When paired with the technology spending managed by Apptio, our customers can truly have the organization-wide transparency needed to make informed decisions about future investments,” said Coupa SVP of Alliances, Roger Goulart. “Together, we’re able to unlock greater visibility and control of spend across an entire organization so our customers can spend smarter.”

Here’s how it works: Apptio will integrate through CoupaLink to tie its industry-standard IT cost model (ATUM®) into the Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM) Platform and provide a framework to better categorize and assign technology spend. When new purchase orders are entered into Coupa, they can automatically be categorized against Apptio’s IT costing taxonomy (ATUM). These details, in turn, will enrich Apptio’s analytics for organization-wide technology spend visibility. Further, this partnership can speed up time to value for customers to adopt Apptio’s solution.

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