CIO Dive
November 09, 2017
The global technology economy is now the third largest economy in the world with 2016 spending exceeding $6.3 trillion, according to an Apptio study of 25 years of tech spending for more than 3,000 global companies. The tech economy trails behind the U.S. and China and leads Japan by 28% and German by twice as much. 
November 08, 2017
Were it an independent nation, the global technology sector would be the third largest economy on Earth, claims a new report. Technology spending worldwide hit more than $6.3 trillion in 2016, making it the “third largest economic ‘force’ in GDP terms, surpassed only by the United States at $18.57 trillion and China at $11.20 trillion”, according to the claims of ‘2018: The State of the Global Technology Economy’, a report published this week, driven by software company Apptio.  
Enterprise Cloud News
November 08, 2017
IT can no longer be a back-end support system for the enterprises that it serves.  "Instead of asking us to fix their computers, they are entrusting us with their valuable data in a constrained environment because they know their investments and their partnership with us will help them compete in the marketplace," said Mike Brown, vice president of IT at ExxonMobil during TBM Conference 2017.
October 25, 2017
Officials in the Washington's Office of the CIO worked to refine its strategy to monitor IT costs through the creation of a state TBM program. The state decided to use the TBM Council's taxonomy to help 44 participating agencies monitor IT spending. 
CIO Journal
October 25, 2017
A growing list of firms are adding digital expertise to board-level corporate decision making to drive growth. TBM Council President Chris Pick says that CIOs’ ability to “fund real, business-changing innovation is the key to their entry on to the board.”