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The TBM Council Awards recognizes outstanding IT leaders and teams who've transformed their organizations to manage their business, not just their technology. 



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How AOL Uses Data to Lead a Transformation to Cloud

Meet James LaPlaine and Emily Rittenhouse. 

  • Supported 127% business transaction growth while reducing costs 23%
  • Reduced carbon footprint 35% by retiring 14,000 physical assets
  • Built trust with the CFO, became CIO

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How Cox Plans and Optimizes Technology Across Companies with a Standard Cost Model

Meet Lisa Stalter, Mark Satterfield, Ed Smith and Hollie Potts. 

  • Moved 60% of back-office workloads to public cloud
  • Rationalized 150 contingent labor contracts to 5 key partners
  • Integrated acquired company’s tech costs in 3 days
  • Engages BUs to incorporate planned run costs into their project proposals

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How Fannie Mae Merges IT and Business Operations Data to Target Investment

Meet Gboyega Adebayo, Sheenal Patel and Mina Han. 

  • Retired orphaned infrastructure
  • Re-configured teams and tasks in business operations
  • Shows BU partners how their IT investments drive core business capabilities

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How Nomura’s Global Cost Model Shapes Business Demand

Meet Carter Quigley.

  • Reduced physical servers by 35% by showing BUs physical vs virtual costs
  • Business decisions to insource versus outsource applications
  • Models buy-vs-build costs, now Trading asks IT for investment advice 


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How Freddie Mac IT Used Data to Change the Dynamic with the Business

Meet Stacy Shifflett and Kevin Brown. 

  • BU gave up storage allocated to its apps after seeing cost of unused capacity
  • BU used TBM cost data to build case for innovation in market-facing service
  • Led business partners from darkness into the light

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From Inputs to Outputs: How Swedish Match IT Increased Discretionary Spend 20-Fold

Meet Johan Wirf and Tobias Altehed.

  • One-third reduction in run costs
  • 20-fold increase in discretionary spend
  • Reframed IT costs as service investments that deliver business output

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How LyondellBasell Keeps IT Costs Flat While Meeting More Business Demand

Meet Joe May, Peggy Cantu and Samir Banker.

  • Collaborated with BUs to decommission 120 (mostly manufacturing) apps
  • Targeted 170 more apps for migration to other solutions
  • “IT guy” embraces financials, shifts BU conversation from cost to value

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Achieve Your Technology Business Goals Faster

Understand & Communicate IT Value
Provide transparency into cost, consumption and choice in business language
  • Demonstrate command by quickly answering questions about cost and business use
  • Communicate value by showing costs in terms of business applications and services
  • Change the conversation from justifying costs to value choices the business can make
Plan Efficiently and Accurately
Streamline and centralize IT budgeting, forecasting and variance tracking
  • Shift focus from accounting process to analysis and decisions for value
  • Quickly adjust to changing business priorities
  • Improve predictability, accuracy and accountability
Optimize IT Cost and Investment
Continuously right-size investment for value with cost, efficiency and quality analysis
  • Drive behavior and spot trends and outliers with trended KPIs
  • Track cost and alignment of applications and supporting assets
  • Support business cases for modernization by correlating cost, quality and performance
Transform Your Technology Business
Accelerate the transformation agenda with IT and service portfolio performance
  • Change behavior and drive alignment with trended KPIs from a service perspective
  • Design and manage service options aligned to address business needs
  • Guide business demand and choice with facts about internal and external pricing

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