In October of 2014, we launched Apptio’s next generation planning application, IT Planning Foundation. This application was first created based on our recognition of a significant need in the market for improving the annual budgeting, forecasting, and variance tracking process for CIOs, IT finance teams, and budget owners.

Since its initial release we’ve continued to invest heavily in the product, continuously adding functionality based on input from our valued customers, with the purpose of further differentiating IT Planning Foundation from traditional enterprise planning applications. Even customers like Microsoft and AOL have seen a significant improvement in their planning processes through our IT Planning application.

Every CIO and finance leader is challenged to ensure their budget is both driving efficiency and creating value for the business. With the initial use of Apptio's IT planning application, we've been able to automate an IT planning process to increase productivity and improve accuracy.  Jim DuBoisCIO Microsoft

Planning For Contracts and Assets

In March 2016, we announced the release of planning for contracts and assets, which means we now provide a comprehensive set of tools for planning in terms of the investment resources required to run IT: vendor services (contracts), equipment (assets) and people (labor). This also means IT planning allows IT & finance leaders to align their investments to business priorities for the purpose of:

  • Driving stakeholder accountability
  • Providing visibility into planned investments
  • Adjusting plans quickly and accurately

I am incredibly proud of the work Apptio has done on IT Planning.

To learn more about how Apptio can help you drive efficiency and value with your IT planning process, please visit the IT Planning Foundation web page.