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Aaron Rallo, CEO at TSO Logic discusses cloud cost models, migration challenges, and the need for a new mindset and tooling to maximize rewards.
IT success is more about changing than "doing." See how Exelon IT is changing its approach to deliver an estimated $150M+ in run-rate savings by year's end.
More IT organizations look to low-code software and "citizen coders" to save money, reduce development time, and deploy customer facing applications faster.
A new IBM study shares comprehensive insights from the global C-suite. Takeaway? What's required for success today is a stomach for perpetual reinvention.
Project run costs can represent a significant chunk of your future operational budget. Not planning for these costs guarantees unwelcome surprises for the business.
On February 2, Mark Jancola assumed the leadership helm at Digital Fuel. Hear why Apptio's lead engineer is a great choice to help these two companies join forces.
The recent budget request suggests the federal government will continue driving adoption of technology business management (TBM) in 2019.
Check out this "CloudMatch.com" profile. What do you think? Are we a perfect match?
The road to CIO success
KPMG surveyed 200+ IT leaders about successful IT management. Those with well-defined data processes say the business better understands IT value.
What's that crackling sound? The torch is making its way to Friday's opening of the 2018 Winter Olympics, carried by ~7,500 athletes, officials, and (yep) CIOs.
Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced new partnership. The moral of the story: Transparency enables better decisions.
The language of finance trumps the language of IT. To maximize IT value and strengthen business relationships, IT cost center owners need to become multilingual.
By disrupting the market for generic drugs, Intermountain Healthcare is about to make its biggest impact yet.
Gartner recently released their latest prediction for global IT spend in 2018, projecting a 4.5% increase from 2017 to a total $3.7 trillion.
IT is often asked to bring home the wins despite increasing cost constraints. Manik Patil, AIG, shares 4 steps to determine the best course of action.
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