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TBM for Public-Sector Leaders

Manage the business of government IT

Apptio pioneered Technology Business Management and is the premier provider of TBM applications

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Understand IT Investments Across Programs

You need to understand the IT cost and resources consumed by the various programs, so that you can communicate the alignment of IT capabilities to the program value being delivered. Providing you the solutions you need to accurately project, proactively track, and seamlessly report on IT usage during each program phase.

Apptio’s suite of Technology Business Management applications include:

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As Apptio accumulates data over the life of your program, you’ll gain added visibility on cost overruns that can affect delivery on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This granularity will allow you to monitor ongoing processes and plan for future programs. The result is more informed plans from the start, allowing you to quickly modify your plans as your program evolves, and use defensible data to suggest less-costly alternatives.


Make Sense of Cost Drivers

Real-time analytics in one place
  • Provide accurate portrait of all associated IT costs
  • Understand the variance of programs over time
  • Identify redundancies
  • Create reliability in your estimates
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