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TBM for Public-Sector Leaders

Manage the business of government IT

Apptio pioneered Technology Business Management and is the premier provider of TBM applications

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Improve Partnerships and Strategic Decisions

You need to execute on federally mandated initiatives, such as CloudFirst and Shared Services, in a manner that improves efficiencies and provides an accurate view of your service portfolio’s total cost of ownership and underlying cost drivers. Even as leaders expect higher levels of transparency and accountability, you need to keep key staff motivated and on task, be able to defend your decisions with real business-impacting numbers and find ways to elevate your department’s value from a perceived cost center to a business enabler.

Apptio’s suite of Technology Business Management applications include:

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Your Apptio TBM reports and dashboards will combine raw data streams from disparate departmental systems (whether dirty data or not) into a single responsive view of your IT costs. The result is a decision-driving tool that’s valued at every level of agency management.


Make better IT decisions, faster

  • Align costs to government fiscal initiative
  • Improve cost/trade-off decision-making with defensible data
  • Articulate the value of IT
  • Find and identify duplicate costs
  • Create dashboards that map to key performance indicators
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