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Understand & Communicate

Provide transparency into cost, consumption and choice in business language

A modern technology leader is a business leader. Yet some IT leaders still lack their own business system, attempting spreadsheet heroics to coax useful information out of general ledgers that see technology as accounting categories and IT systems that see only pieces of systems the business cares about. When IT leaders come to the table unarmed with data about cost and business value:

  • IT is seen as a technology manager and cost center instead of business partner
  • The business doesn’t see how their choices drives cost
  • IT is seen defending costs instead of advising on business investment and value

Apptio empowers IT leaders to be effective business leaders by giving them command of facts about cost and business use so they can:

  • Demonstrate command by quickly answering questions about cost and business use
  • Communicate value by showing costs in terms of business applications and services
  • Change the conversation from justifying costs to value choices the business can make