Technology Business Management is a key ingredient to helping CIOs manage the business of IT and provide transparency into the cost of IT services to business leaders. IT needs to think about delivering IT services in the framework of a supply chain: How much does it cost to 'produce' and 'operate' our services? Are we competitive? How can we reduce cost and improve quality? And how can we ensure supply is aligned to demand?
Rebecca Jacoby
CIO, Cisco
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Cisco's CIO and several of her IT leaders introduced an IT-wide change in how they manage their organization and communicate their performance both within and outside of the IT organization. The cornerstone to this change was a service portfolio management approach that identified the services available and their costs. This information allows both IT and the business to compare Cisco IT services with others, prioritize optimization opportunities, and clearly connect how and where Cisco IT provides value to the enterprise. While this required significant effort from the Cisco IT leaders, it helped them shift to a partner, leader, and enabler role for their "customers" – other lines of business – across the enterprise.

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