Technology Business Management is a key ingredient to helping CIOs manage the business of IT and provide transparency into the cost of IT services to business leaders. IT needs to think about delivering IT services in the framework of a supply chain: How much does it cost to 'produce' and 'operate' our services? Are we competitive? How can we reduce cost and improve quality? And how can we ensure supply is aligned to demand?
Rebecca Jacoby
COO, Cisco
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Cisco is a worldwide leader in IT, providing organizations around the world with the routers and switches used todirect data, voice and video traffic. A dominant player across all internet-based networking solutions, Cisco also manufacturers remote access servers, IP telephony equipment, optical networking components, internet conferencing systems, set-top boxes and network service and security systems. Cisco bills itself as a company that helps other companies “seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.”

Cisco implemented Apptio's Technology Business Management solution, which provided the following benefits:

  • By looking at Apptio's visual model of their services, Cisco realized where the costs were flowing and were quickly able to identify target areas to focus on cost reduction.
  • Better visibility into their cost structure has enabled Cisco to expedite their plan of moving millions in Run-the-Business spending to strategic priorities.
  • Cisco reduced the quarterly financial review process from several weeks to between 7 and 10 days each quarter, speeding up the review cycle and enabling IT to focus on more strategic priorities.

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