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Apptio CIO Dashboard
Digital transformation means different things to different people. The CIO is uniquely positioned to ensure digital initiatives support enterprise-wide strategies.
Apptio's dedicated team constantly strives to deliver excellence. These superstars stand out for their unparalleled commitment and exceptional performance.
Apptio Bill of IT dashboard
Next generation Bill of IT automates a customizable email invoice, enabling business owners to optimize investments and influence consumption of IT services.
Vendor Relationship Management
Nearly 1/3 of IT leaders spend 50+% of their budget on external IT services. The resulting multivendor landscape presents a challenging management scenario for IT.
To understand how cloud fits into the IT strategy, IT leaders need to ensure analysis is based on facts about cloud economics.
Cloud Costs Image
As technology leaders today shift resources to the cloud, the question of costs also needs to shift from supply management to demand management.
If you are trying to accelerate a transformation in your IT organization, you've likely found that it's the organizational challenges, not technical ones, holding...
Digital transformation
CIO.com highlights 8 CIOs who've embraced market changes, adopting digital strategies that deliver business-integrated IT innovation at a much faster, agile pace.
The Real Value of Key Performance Indicators Is Exposing Key Performance Levers
A KPI for IT isn’t of much value unless business units, organizations, and internal operations can use it to lower costs and improve performance.
Digital Disruption at Newport News Shipbuilding image
At TBMC16, Bharat Amin, VP/CIO of Newport News Shipbuilding, shared his approach to IT innovation in a tightly regulated environment.
Apptio Introduces new SaaS Insights Image
As organizations increasingly invest in SaaS applications, cloud governance is more important than ever. Apptio's new cloud capabilities can help.
Apptio Introduces new IT Planning Features image
With new IT planning applications from Apptio, IT leaders can now confidently budget and forecast technology projects and services.
TBM Council Award Celebration Image
Competition was fierce as TBM Council award finalists shared stories of empowerment and innovation that truly embody TBM. We congratulate the six winners!
Rob Carter Keynote Presentation at TBMC16
Rob Carter, EVP and CIO at FedEx, opened the 2016 TBMC Conference with an inspiring keynote address about seeking the edge in your business.
Women in Technology Series: 5 Ways to Change the Status Quo
Being a woman in the male world of technology can be challenging. We interviewed Cassa Hanon, Director of Product and Engineering here to find out what it's like.